On Wednesday I went to Quadra Elementary for drama class to help teach “Midsummer Night’s Dream” to a grade 4/5 class. Before school had started I was visiting with one teacher, Siobhan Kavill, and talking to her about different things happening in her classroom. What Siobhan was most excited about was all the different kinds of technology. She mentioned that the school had been urging teachers to start using technology with their students. Not only was Siobhan’s class using googledocs (like us university students use!) they were using this really awesome website called “kidblog”. I asked Siobhan to show me how it works and this is what I learned about “kidblog”:

It’s a teacher based app that requires teachers to set up a FREE account. Teachers then send out their class code to their students to sign up. Teachers are then able to have complete control over what students are posting or sharing online. Anything inappropriate or mean can be removed at the teacher’s discretion.


Siobhan described “kidblog” as super kid-friendly. On her classroom’s blog there were over 600 blog posts and only 10 of those were initiated by the teacher! She said students would start forums on what interested them most, questions such as “what is your favorite dinosaur?” or “are you going away this summer?”. Classmates then reply to whichever forums interest them. One of Siobhan’s student’s missed class to go to Vancouver with their family. That student started a blog post about what they had done in Vancouver and was able to follow assignments and homework via “kidblog”. Other students had also replied to their blog posts saying things like “I love the aquarium! Cool!”. It was really awesome to see students bonding. It was obvious that the blog really created a sense of classroom collaboration.

To learn more visit

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