Fresh Grade

Enabling Teachers. Engaging Parents. Empowering Students.

“A window into the classroom for parents”

This week in Ed Tech my friends Cayley and Dylan taught us about Freshgrade.  Freshgrade is an online portfolio and gradebook tool that allows teachers and parents to connect daily about what is going on within the child’s classroom. The teacher uploads a student’s assignment, which then shows on the student’s personalized portfolio, where they can view past reports and make personal comments about their learning. Parents get a notification every time something is added to their child’s portfolio, and are also able to make comments, making it more accessible to be actively engaged in their child’s learning. Because freshgrade is available on most devices, parents can be a vital role in their child’s school life throughout the whole year, as oppose to just at parent-teacher interviews which happen twice a year.

Pros of Freshgrade:

-Available on-the-go for teachers to accommodate their busy schedules… can upload assignments daily! (on the bus, before bed, etc. without having to be at school)

-Free for teachers!

-Individual portfolios are only viewable for individual student, their parents and teacher

-User friendly… a few simple clicks to upload an assignment

-Parent involvement in child’s learning can occur daily

 -Allows opportunity for both students and parents to comment on personal learning and their assignment (I like this assignment because…. I learned that…..)

 -Conversation piece for parents to know what students are talking about/learning in school… learning and conversations can continue at home

 -Paperless record of grades and progress for teachers, students and parents to track learning

-Capturing children’s learning as it is happening

 -Audio clip, image, video clip, self documentations are all able to be uploaded

 -Teachers can add description of assignment, as well as PLO’s

-Only teacher and parents of student can view students portfolio and grades

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