Week 11 of Learning Spanish!

This week I learned about colours. In Spanish, colors (and other adjectives) have to match the noun they refer to in terms of gender and number. For example for a male cat you say “el gato blanco,” for a female cat you say “la gata blanca,” and in the plural you say “los gatos blancos” or “las gatas blancas.” Below is a table for the most common colors:

Color Masculine Singular Masculine Plural Feminine Singular Feminine Plural
white blanco blancos blanca blancas
black negro negros negra negras
red rojo rojos roja rojas
blue azul azules azul azules
green verde verdes verde verdes
yellow amarillo amarillos amarilla amarillas

color – colour

light – claro

dark – oscuro

rojo – red

amarillas – yellow

azul – blue

negro – black

naranja – orange

blanca – white

verde – green

grises – grey

purple – morado/purpura

navy blue – azil marino

cream – crema

pink – rosa

brown – marron, castano

dark brown – cafe

silver – plateado

gold – dorado


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