There are 7,163 geocaches near Victoria. And that’s not all—there are millions of geocaches around the world, just waiting for you to find them. To get started, all you need is a free Geocaching account and the official Geocaching app or a GPS. Step 1: Create a free geocaching account. Explore, find and log geocaches … More Geocaching


Today in Ed Tech Valerie showed us a super cool app called Aurasma. Basically Aurasma is a virtual reality platform in which you can turn static objects into interactive games or experiences. Aurasma works on tablet or smartphones. You can download the free app for iOS and Android. How it Works: Turn an image or … More Aurasma

Week 8 of Spanish!

Possession: This week in Spanish I am learning about possession. This is a big step from learning about animals and specific verbs because possession is use in almost every conversation. There are five possessive determiners in Spanish: Spanish English mi my tu your (familiar singular) su his, her, your (formal), their nuestro our vuestro your (familiar … More Week 8 of Spanish!


On Wednesday I went to Quadra Elementary for drama class to help teach “Midsummer Night’s Dream” to a grade 4/5 class. Before school had started I was visiting with one teacher, Siobhan Kavill, and talking to her about different things happening in her classroom. What Siobhan was most excited about was all the different kinds … More Kidblog